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About Ashley B. Davis

I write engaging characters across multiple genres, usually with a little grit and a lot of pining. I have short work and poetry free to read below.


When I am not living in fictional worlds,

I live with my partner, our two children, and two rescue cats in

Southern California, where I manage rental property.


My debut novel, The Space Between You and Me, is available now.


Find me chatting about the creative process and my religious awe of libraries on 

Instagram and Tiktok. 

I've been interviewed by The Grey Rooms Podcast (listen here) and MFA Payday, where I read a scene from The Space Between You and Me (listen here).

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Free fiction

Photo credit: Michelle Patch

free fiction

and poetry

Hummingbird on branch
person holding hands with two toddlers


Cave opening with light shining through
green lace


Headphones and Mustache _edited_edited.p
Tropical leaves on black background
desert nature photography
Headphones and Mustache _edited_edited_edited.png

coming soon

                 means there is an audio component. 

Note: Some of this work is for mature audiences.

Headphones and Mustache _edited.png
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